Siri Texting: A Guide to Voice Command Examples

Are you tired of typing out text messages on your phone? With Siri’s voice command feature, you can easily send texts without touching your phone. Below are some voice command examples you can use to send texts using Siri. Just activate Siri and say one of the following commands to text your friends and family with ease.

#1 Basic Texting Commands

“Send a text to John saying I’m running late.”
“Text Mom and tell her I’ll call her later.”
“Send a message to Susan asking if she’s free tomorrow.”

#2 Group Messaging Commands

“Send a group message to my family saying we’re meeting at 7 pm.”
“Text my roommates that the rent is due next week.”
“Message my coworkers about the project meeting on Friday.”

#3 Emoji and Emoticon Commands

“Send a text to Sarah with three heart emojis.”
“Text my sister a laughing face emoji.”
“Message Tom with a thumbs up emoticon.”

#4 Hands-free Dictation Commands

“Send a hands-free text to David saying I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”
“Text Laura using hands-free dictation and say I’ll pick up the kids after work.”
“Send a message to Alex using voice dictation and ask him to bring dessert to the party.”

#5 Scheduling and Reminder Commands

“Text Mark to remind him about our meeting tomorrow.”
“Send a message to Lisa to confirm our dinner plans for tonight.”
“Text my doctor’s office to schedule an appointment next week.”

#6 Informative Texting Commands

“Text Chris to ask for the address of the party tonight.”
“Message Emily to find out if she’s allergic to any foods.”
“Send a text to Mike to see if he’s watched the latest episode of our favorite show.”

Using these voice command examples, you can easily send texts and stay in touch with your contacts without ever having to touch your phone. Just activate Siri and speak your message – it’s that easy!