Siri Safari Voice Commands: 30 Examples for Hands-Free Browsing

Are you tired of scrolling and tapping on your screen while browsing the web? With Siri Safari Voice Commands, you can navigate the web hands-free just by using your voice. Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to make your browsing experience more convenient and efficient. Try out these commands and enjoy a seamless browsing experience without lifting a finger.

#1 Basic Navigation Commands

“Open Safari”
“Close Tab”
“New Tab”
“Show Bookmarks”
“Go back”

#2 Searching and Browsing Commands

“Search for siri voice activation commands for safari”
“Open [website URL]”
“Search for images of siri voice activation commands for safari”
“Find news about [topic]”
“Show me top stories”

#3 Tab and Window Management

“Open a new private tab”
“Close this tab”
“Switch to tab next to this”
“Open a new window”
“Close this window”

#4 Reading and Viewing Commands

“Read this webpage”
“Stop reading”
“Zoom in”
“Scroll down”
“Scroll to top of page”

#5 Password and Form Commands

“Fill in my username and password”
“Submit this form”
“Create a new password”
“Clear form”
“Auto-fill my address”

#6 Voice Commands for Safari Settings

“Turn on private browsing”
“Change search engine to Google”
“Disable pop-up blocker”
“Allow cookies from this site”
“Adjust text size”

#7 Sharing and Sharing Options

“Share this page”
“Tweet this”
“Send link to [contact name]”
“Save this page to Reading List”
“Email this page”