Siri Emergency Commands: Quick and Easy Voice Activated Help

Have you ever found yourself in an emergency situation where you need quick and easy access to help? With Siri Emergency Commands, you no longer have to fumble with your phone or worry about navigating through menus. Simply activate Siri and use one of the many voice commands available to get the help you need. Below are some examples of the voice commands you can use.

#1 Emergency Services

“Call Emergency Services”
“Call the Police”
“Call the Fire Department”
“Call an Ambulance”
“Call the Coast Guard”
“Call Poison Control”
“Call Animal Control”

#2 Navigation

“Give me directions to the nearest hospital”
“Get me directions to the nearest pharmacy”
“Find the closest gas station”
“Navigate to the nearest police station”
“Get me directions to the nearest fire department”

#3 Location Sharing

“Share my location with emergency contacts”
“Send my location to (contact name)”
“Tell (contact name) where I am”
“Let (contact name) know where I am”

#4 Medical Assistance

“I need a doctor”
“I need a dentist”
“I need a psychiatrist”
“I need a therapist”
“Call the suicide prevention hotline”
“Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline”

#5 Miscellaneous

“Turn on my flashlight”
“Make a loud noise to scare off an attacker”
“Set a reminder to take my medication”
“Send a message to (contact name) with my emergency information”
“Check the weather for any upcoming disasters”
“Ask Siri for first aid instructions”