Siri Email Commands: Quick and Easy Voice Control Tips

If you’re looking to improve your efficiency when it comes to managing emails, Siri email commands can be a game-changer. With just a few simple voice commands, you can draft, send, reply, archive, and even search for emails without ever having to touch your device. Below are some voice command examples you can use to streamline your email communication.

#1 – Composing Emails

“Hey Siri, send an email to John about the meeting tomorrow.”
“Compose an email to Sarah with the subject line ‘Project Update’.”
“Send an email to Mom with the message ‘I’ll call you later’.”

#2 – Managing Inbox

“Mark this email as important.”
“Archive this email.”
“Delete all emails from last week.”

#3 – Replying to Emails

“Reply to this email with ‘Sounds good!'”
“Reply all saying ‘I’ll be there’.”
“Forward this email to Mark.”

#4 – Checking Emails

“Check my unread emails.”
“Show me emails from last month.”
“Read my latest email from Sarah.”

Using these Siri email commands, you can easily navigate through your inbox, stay organized, and communicate efficiently with just your voice. Give them a try and see how much time and effort you can save when managing your emails.