Siri Custom Commands: Voice Control Examples

Below are some voice command examples for Siri Custom Commands: Voice Control Examples. Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant that allows users to perform various tasks using voice commands. With Siri Custom Commands, users can create their own personalized voice commands to make their lives easier. From sending messages to playing music, Siri can help users streamline their daily routines.

#1 Communication

“Send a message to John asking him to come over for dinner tonight.”
“Reply to Sarah’s message with “I’ll see you there!”
“Call Mom.”
“FaceTime Mike.”
“Read my last message from Tom.”

#2 Reminders

“Remind me to take out the trash at 7 pm.”
“Add milk to my grocery list.”
“Remind me to water the plants every Monday at 10 am.”

#3 Entertainment

“Play the song ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weekend.”
“Skip this song.”
“Create a new playlist called ‘Road Trip’.”
“Add this song to my ‘Cooking’ playlist.”

#4 Navigation

“Directions to the nearest gas station.”
“Navigate to the airport.”
“How long will it take to drive to work?”
“Find me a coffee shop nearby.”

#5 Smart Home

“Turn off the lights in the living room.”
“Set the temperature to 72 degrees.”
“Lock the front door.”
“Turn on the TV in the bedroom.”

#6 Note-taking

“Take a note: Buy a gift for Maria’s birthday.”
“Show me my notes.”
“Delete the last note I took.”

#7 Calendar

“What’s my schedule for tomorrow?”
“When is my next appointment?”
“Add a meeting with Max next Friday at 2 pm.”

#8 Conversion

“What is 5 miles in kilometers?”
“What is 67 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?”

#9 Finance

“How much did I spend on groceries last month?”
“What is my bank account balance?”
“Pay my credit card bill.”

#10 Miscellaneous

“What does the fox say?”
“Flip a coin.”
“Roll the dice.”
“Tell me a joke.”