Siri Commands for DirecTV Now: How to Control Your TV with Voice

Are you ready to take control of your TV with just the sound of your voice? With Siri commands for DirecTV Now, you can easily navigate through your favorite shows and channels without ever lifting a finger. Below are some voice command examples you can use to control your TV with ease. Just sit back, relax, and let your voice do all the work.

Basic Navigation

“Hey Siri, open DirecTV Now”
“Go to the guide”
“Navigate to channel 356”
“Show me the DVR menu”
“Take me to the on-demand section”
“Pause the playback”

Channel Control

“Change to ESPN”
“Tune in to HBO”
“Switch to channel 710”
“Show me the Cartoon Network”
“Go to NBC Sports”
“Turn on CNN”

Playback Control

“Rewind 30 seconds”
“Fast forward 2 minutes”
“Resume playback”
“Play from the beginning”
“Skip to the next episode”
“Stop playback”

Volume Control

“Increase the volume”
“Lower the sound”
“Mute the TV”
“Set the volume to 50%”
“Turn up the audio”
“Go to 25% volume”

Search and Recommendations

“Find action movies”
“Show me comedies”
“Recommendations for romantic movies”
“Search for documentaries”
“Find cooking shows”
“Recommendations for reality TV”

Settings and Information

“Show me the settings”
“Display video resolution”
“Toggle closed captions”
“Turn on audio description”
“Show me the parental controls”
“View the channel lineup”

Favorites and Personalizations

“Add this show to my favorites”
“Remove from my watchlist”
“Record this episode”
“Show me my favorites”
“Play my recently watched”
“Resume the last episode”