Ring Google Assistant Commands for Easy Voice Control: A Comprehensive List

Are you looking for an easier way to control your Ring devices using voice commands? Look no further! Below is a comprehensive list of Ring Google Assistant commands that you can use to easily manage your smart home security system. With these commands, you can arm your alarm, check your camera feed, and much more right from your Google Assistant-enabled device. Whether you’re at home or on the go, these voice commands will make managing your Ring devices a breeze.

#1 Arming and Disarming Alarm

“Arm Ring Alarm in Away mode”
“Arm Ring Alarm in Home mode”
“Disarm Ring Alarm”
“Set Ring Alarm to Home mode”
“Set Ring Alarm to Away mode”

#2 Camera Control

“Show me the front door camera”
“Turn on the backyard camera”
“Start recording on the garage camera”
“Stop recording on the living room camera”
“Take a snapshot on the porch camera”

#3 Siren and Emergency Commands

“Trigger the panic siren”
“Call emergency services”
“Activate the duress code”
“Cancel distress signal”
“Emergency contact notification”

#4 Smart Lighting Control

“Turn on the porch light”
“Set the driveway light to 50%”
“Turn off all lights”
“Dim the patio light”
“Schedule the backyard light”

#5 Motion Sensor Commands

“Adjust motion sensor sensitivity”
“Toggle motion sensor notifications”
“Motion sensor test”
“Reset motion sensor”
“Check motion sensor activity”

#6 Lock and Unlock Commands

“Lock the front door”
“Unlock the back door”
“Check if the garage door is locked”
“Lock all doors”
“Unlock with security code”

#7 Privacy Settings

“Enable privacy mode”
“Disable microphone on all devices”
“Turn off camera feed”
“Security setting adjustments”
“Secure connection check”

#8 Smart Home Integration

“Turn on Ring devices in sync with my smart home routine”
“Link Ring devices to other smart home devices”
“Smart home automation with Ring devices”
“Pair Ring camera feed with smart display”
“Adjust Ring volume on smart speaker”