Revealing Chat GPT Prompts for Content Creators

As a content creator, you know how valuable it is to have an endless source of ideas and inspiration. That’s where AI writing assistants like ChatGPT come in. With the right prompts, these tools can help you brainstorm topics, outline articles, and even write full drafts.

The key is learning how to communicate effectively with the AI. In this guide, I’ll share my top tips for writing great prompts that tap into the creative potential of tools like ChatGPT. Whether you’re a blogger, YouTuber, podcaster or anything in between, you’ll find prompt examples to spark your next viral idea.

Set the Scene

The first step is setting the scene so the AI understands the context. Give it some background on who you are and what type of content you create.

For example:

I am a lifestyle blogger who covers topics like health, relationships, personal growth, and simplicity. My blog audience is 75% women between the ages of 25 and 45. I use a casual, conversational tone in my writing.

Giving this overview will allow the AI to tailor its suggestions to your niche and audience.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Next, ask open-ended questions to spur the AI’s creativity. Closed-ended questions with yes or no answers won’t provide the inspirational springboard you need.

For instance:

What are some emerging health trends that would resonate with my female readership?

What types of personal growth journey stories would my audience find compelling?  

Based on my blog's focus, suggest 5 blog post ideas I could develop.

Leaving things wide open gets the AI’s imaginative juices flowing. Often, its suggestions will surprise you and break you out of creative ruts.

Set Length and Format

If you want the AI to generate full article drafts, specify the length and formatting you need:

Write a first draft for a 1000 word blog post on achieving work/life balance as a busy entrepreneur. Use subheadings and bullet points where appropriate.

Clearly stating length and formatting parameters prevents meandering drafts requiring heavy edits.

Bold the Hook

Ask the AI to highlight the hook to draw readers in:

Write a 300-word intro for a blog post aimed at parents who feel overwhelmed. **Bold the hook** that will capture their attention.

Knowing the compelling hook the AI comes up with saves you time trying to figure it out yourself.

List Benefits as Bullets

For articles centered around tips, products or services, prompt the AI to present benefits in digestible bullets:

Recommend 3 apps to help people manage their finances better. **List the key features and benefits of each app in bullet points.** Keep it around 500 words.

Bulleted benefits provide scannable value readers crave.

Conversational Tone

The AI can mimic your brand’s voice if you provide some examples:

When suggesting ideas, use a conversational tone like my writing. For example: "Hey friend! Have you tried meditating with an app recently? It's a total game changer." Give it a shot and see how calming your mind for a few minutes a day makes you feel.

With that guidance, the AI will continue conversations with your readers in a recognizable voice.

Inspire and Invite

Finally, wrap up prompt sessions by asking the AI to inspire and invite your audience to take action:

Conclude with two short paragraphs. **In the first, inspire the reader** with an uplifting message related to the post topic. **In the second, invite them to leave a comment** below sharing their own experiences.

Ending on an inspirational, engaging note leads to more comments and shares.

Continue the Conversation

To continue a prompt conversation, simply refer back to context established earlier:

You previously suggested a blog post about minimalism for modern mothers. **Expand on that idea** by outlining 5 section headings and key points to cover in each section.

Picking up dropped threads keeps chats productive.

Useful Websites

  • Growth Tribe – 100 excellent ChatGPT prompt examples
  • Landbot – Guidelines for writing effective prompts
  • Writesonic – 215+ creative ChatGPT prompt ideas


Crafting the right prompts is crucial for tapping AI tools as powerful content allies. With practice, you’ll learn to communicate exactly what you need to fuel an endless content pipeline.

Use these prompt examples as inspiration, then fine-tune your approach based on the types of content you create and your brand’s unique voice. Before you know it, you’ll have prompts down to an art and a supportive AI assistant working behind the scenes!