Proscenic Alexa: 30 Voice Command Examples for Smart Home Control

Are you looking for voice command examples to maximize the potential of your Proscenic Alexa for smart home control? Look no further! Below are some voice command examples you can use to seamlessly operate your smart home devices with just your voice. Whether you want to adjust the lighting, control the temperature, or manage your home security, these voice commands will streamline your smart home experience.

Lights Control

“Turn on the living room lights.”
“Dim the bedroom lights to 50%.”
“Turn off all lights in the house.”

Thermostat Control

“Set the temperature to 72 degrees.”
“Increase the thermostat by 3 degrees.”
“Turn on the air conditioning.”

Appliance Control

“Start the coffee maker.”
“Turn on the TV in the family room.”
“Set the oven temperature to 350 degrees.”

Security Control

“Lock the front door.”
“Arm the security system.”
“Check the security camera in the backyard.”

Entertainment Control

“Play some jazz music in the kitchen.”
“Skip to the next track.”
“Turn off the music in the living room.”

Reminder Control

“Set a reminder to take out the trash at 6 PM.”
“Cancel all reminders for tomorrow.”
“Remind me to water the plants every Monday at 9 AM.”

Timer Control

“Set a timer for 30 minutes.”
“Pause the timer.”
“Reset the timer.”

Weather Control

“What’s the weather for tomorrow?”
“Will it rain today?”
“What’s the temperature outside?”

Calendar Control

“Add an event to my calendar for Friday at 3 PM.”
“What’s on my calendar for next week?”
“Remove the appointment on Wednesday at 10 AM.”

Navigation Control

“Navigate to the nearest grocery store.”
“How long will it take to get to work?”
“Find a gas station along my route.”