Prompts to generate anime girls in Stable Diffusion

Anime-style images have seen a surge in popularity recently, thanks in large part to the rise of AI image generation models like Stable Diffusion. These models allow users to create stunning anime-style artworks simply by providing text prompts.

However, coming up with effective prompts can be challenging for those new to AI art generation. This article provides 20 example prompts specifically for generating anime girl art in Stable Diffusion, along with tips on prompt formatting and key terms to include.

Prompt Structure

Here is the basic structure to follow when creating Stable Diffusion prompts for anime girls:

"anime girl with [visual attributes], [posing/scene details], [style/rendering/quality tags]"

Let’s break down each component:

Visual Attributes

  • Hair color, length, style (twintails, ponytail, etc.)
  • Eye color and style (smiling, sharp, etc.)
  • Outfit description
  • Accessories like glasses, hats, jewelry, etc.

Posing/Scene Details

  • Specific pose (sitting, dancing, etc.)
  • Scene setting (city street, beach, etc.)
  • Interacting with objects or other characters

Style/Rendering/Quality Tags

  • Art style references (Studio Ghibli, anime watercolor, etc.)
  • Rendering style (3D, pixel art, CGI, etc.)
  • Quality tags (masterpiece, intricate, sharp focus, etc.)

By mixing and matching terms from these categories, you can create detailed prompts that will generate a wide variety of anime girl artworks.

20 Anime Girl Prompts for Stable Diffusion

Below are 20 prompt examples you can try out in Stable Diffusion:

  1. “Anime girl with long pink hair in twintails, sitting on a bench in a park, soft lighting, intricate details, trending on pixiv”
  2. “Anime girl with short blue hair, wearing glasses and a school uniform, running late to class with toast in her mouth, watercolor painting”
  3. “Anime girl with blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes, wearing a frilly pink dress, dancing happily, soft glow”
  4. “Anime girl with purple hair, yellow eyes, wearing punk rock clothes, playing electric guitar, detailed lineart”
  5. “Anime girl with red hair in odango buns, wearing a sailor uniform, fighting monsters with a magical wand, shiny”
  6. “Anime girl with long black hair, red eyes, wearing a kimono, sakura petals blowing in the wind, painting by Makoto Shinkai”
  7. “Anime cat girl with brown hair, cat ears, yellow eyes, wearing a black dress, sitting on a crescent moon, stars”
  8. “Anime fox girl with orange hair, fox ears, green eyes, wearing a white kimono, running through a bamboo forest”
  9. “Anime girl with short pink hair, blue eyes, wearing MMA fight clothes and gloves, intense fight stance, detailed muscles”
  10. “Anime girl with long green hair in a braid, purple eyes, elf ears, casting a magic spell, particles, intricate lines”
  11. “Anime girl with blonde hair in curls, brown eyes, wearing 50’s clothes and glasses, studying chemistry intently, vintage style”
  12. “Anime girl with black hair in a messy bun, green eyes, wearing hiking clothes, photographing birds in a forest, soft lighting”
  13. “Anime girl with long blue hair, purple eyes, wearing a sci-fi armored spacesuit, piloting a mech, CG render”
  14. “Anime girl with pink hair in a ponytail, heterochromia eyes, wearing a tennis outfit, intense tennis match, sports photography”
  15. “Anime girl with short brown hair, green eyes, wearing a pink apron, baking cookies in a kitchen, smiling, warm lighting”
  16. “Anime girl with long red hair in a braid, blue eyes, wearing a medieval dress, fierce archer drawing a bow, epic fantasy”
  17. “Anime girl with blonde hair in pigtails, pink eyes, wearing a frilly idol outfit, singing joyfully into a microphone, on stage”
  18. “Anime girl with short purple hair, yellow eyes, wearing a black mage outfit, casting explosive fire magic, particles”
  19. “Anime girl with long white hair, red eyes, wearing a bridal gown, walking down the aisle with flowers, soft glow”
  20. “Anime girl with green hair in space buns, pink eyes, wearing a colorful harajuku outfit, dancing happily, trending on pixiv”

Prompt Optimization Tips

Here are some tips to help you optimize your anime girl prompts:

  • Use specific hair/eye colors – Stable Diffusion recognizes colors better than vague terms like “bright” or “light”
  • Add outfit details like uniforms or costume elements – this gives SD more visual context
  • Use emotive adjectives like “joyful”, “intense”, “soft” to set the mood of the scene
  • Reference art styles or artists like Studio Ghibli, Makoto Shinkai, or pixiv trends to influence the aesthetic
  • Specify a setting/scene like a classroom, magical girl battle, or idol performance – even if it’s not fully rendered, this gives helpful context
  • Add rendering styles like photograph, painting, CGI – this tweaks the visual style
  • Use quality tags like “intricate”, “detailed lines”, “soft lighting” – this nudges SD to render higher quality results

By experimenting with combinations of these elements, you can continuously refine your anime girl prompts.

Helpful Resources

Here are some websites with more anime prompt examples and inspiration:

The key is to study examples prompts and results, take notes on what works well, and incorporate those effective elements into your own prompts. Over time, you’ll develop intuition for phrasing prompts that produce high-quality anime girls.

Have fun unleashing your creativity with Stable Diffusion!