Prompts for modifying face shape in Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation tool that allows users to create realistic images from text prompts. One of the most common uses of Stable Diffusion is generating portraits of people. However, getting consistent and high-quality facial images can be challenging.

This article provides useful prompt examples and techniques for modifying and improving face shapes and facial features in Stable Diffusion portraits. Whether you want to tweak a certain facial characteristic or generate an entirely new face, these prompts will help you achieve better results.

Background on Stable Diffusion

Before diving into the prompt examples, let’s briefly go over some key points about Stable Diffusion:

  • It is an open-source AI model that generates images from text descriptions
  • The quality of outputs depends heavily on how descriptive and detailed the prompts are
  • Both positive and negative prompts can be used to narrow down the image generation
  • Multiple prompts can be combined using commas to add more descriptors

Prompts for Adjusting Face Shape

The overall shape of a face is one of the most defining facial characteristics. Here are some prompts you can use to modify face shape in Stable Diffusion portraits:

Oval Face Shape

oval face, smooth complexion, sharp jawline, high cheekbones  

This prompt generates an oval face shape which is considered ideal by many. The additional descriptors further enhance the facial features.

Round Face Shape

chubby round face, rosy cheeks, soft jawline, bubbly smile

This prompt adds a round, fuller face shape with characteristic round face features.

Square Face Shape

angular square shaped face, strong jawline, bold eyebrows

The prompt results in a model with a square face shape, sharp angles along the jaw, and bold eyebrows.

Heart Face Shape

heart-shaped face, pointy chin, high forehead, flowing hair

This generates a facial image with a heart or triangular face shape, pointy chin, and wide forehead.

Prompts for Eyes

Eyes are central to facial images so let’s look at some prompts focused on modifying eyes:

Large Eyes

Anime style, extra large sparkling eyes, long eyelashes

Use this prompt to generate portrait images with stylized, disproportionately large anime-style eyes.

Small Eyes

Petite female, small deep set eyes, pixie haircut

This prompt results in a female face with small, deep-set eyes along with a suitable pixie haircut.

Eye Color

Green eyed redhead, scattered freckles, radiant skin

You can specify any eye color in your prompt to change the eye color as shown in this example.

Prompts for Noses

Here are some prompts to modify the nose shape and size:

Small Nose

Button nose, convex bridge, upturned nostrils, childlike innocence

This generates a small button nose with clear childlike qualities.

Long Nose

Roman nose, long narrow bridge, prominent nostrils, severe look

This prompt adds an elongated nose shape with a narrow bridge and noticeable nostrils.

Wide Nose

Wide flat nose, broad nostrils, stern expression

Use this prompt if you want to generate a face with a very wide nose span along with broad nostrils.

Prompts for Lips

Well-defined lips can make a dramatic difference in facial images. Here are some great prompts to tweak the lips:

Full Lips

Plump lips, sharp cupids bow, glossy finish, alluring gaze 

This adds noticeably fuller and plumper lips with a characteristic cupid’s bow shape.

Thin Lips

Thin lips, pursed mouth, high set cheeks, unamused expression

This prompt results in thinner lips on the portrait along with pursed positioning and high set cheeks.

Prompts for Other Facial Features

Here are some additional prompts you can use to modify other facial features:


Wavy bob haircut with straight cut bangs, head turned slightly

This changes the hairstyle to a bob with bangs. You can customize and specify any hairstyle.

Beard Style

Thick lumberjack beard, rugged jawline, intense stare

This prompt adds a thick, rugged beard and other matching masculine facial features.


Nerd hipster guy, dark rimmed glasses, beanie hat, scruffy beard

This generates a male portrait with dark-rimmed glasses, a beanie hat, and scruffy beard. You can add any accessory this way.

Tips for Better Prompt Engineering

Here are some additional tips to further enhance your Stable Diffusion facial image prompts:

  • Use both positive and negative prompts
  • Try being more abstract rather than too specific
  • Use related descriptors together to improve coherence
  • Experiment with artistic and style keywords
  • Refer to real life facial features for inspiration
  • Iteratively improve prompts based on results


I hope these stable diffusion prompt examples for modifying face shapes and facial features give you plenty of ideas for your next portrait generation session!

The key is to be descriptive, use relevant keywords together, and don’t be afraid to tweak the prompts based on the image results. Prompt engineering is often an iterative process.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other great facial prompt examples for Stable Diffusion!

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