Prompt Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a powerful AI image generation model that creates images from text prompts. Properly crafting prompts is key to generating high-quality images that match your creative vision. This article will provide an overview of Stable Diffusion prompts, explain the components of effective prompts, and share numerous examples across common prompt categories to spark your creativity.

Components of Effective Stable Diffusion Prompts

An effective Stable Diffusion prompt consists of the following key components:

Subject and Style

Clearly state the subject – the main focus of the image – early in the prompt. For example: “a painting of a cat”.

Then describe the desired style of the image, like “impressionist oil painting” or “Tim Burton style illustration”. Styles help steer the output.


Add descriptive details about the subject and scene like “sitting in a sunny meadow with flowers” or “wearing steampunk goggles and holding a wand”. Details make prompts more specific.

Artistic Qualities

Include any desired artistic qualities like “intricate line work” or “soft lighting”. This further refines the output style.


Adding a specific resolution like “8k resolution” or “4k photorealistic” helps achieve crisp, high-quality images.

Stable Diffusion Prompt Examples

Below are examples of effective Stable Diffusion prompts across common categories:


An oil painting portrait of a wizard with a long white beard wearing purple robes and a tall peaked hat, intricate details, rendering by Ilya Repin
A photograph of a steampunk woman wearing goggles and holding a wand, soft lighting, depth of field


A cute cartoon bumble bee with a happy smile, watercolor and ink drawing
An 8k image of a silver tabby cat sitting in a sunny meadow filled with flowers, photorealistic National Geographic photography


Matte painting of a lush green valley with a crystal lake reflecting snowy mountains and cliffs, by Thomas Kinkade
A fantasy landscape digital painting of a medieval city with tall towers beside a river and forest, trending on Artstation 

Still Life

Studio gouache painting of a bowl of lemons and limes with a brass jug on a wooden table, by Paul Cézanne  
Photograph of a cherry blossom branch in a clear vase with pink flowers and green leaves, soft natural window lighting

Advanced Prompt Engineering

You can further refine prompts with advanced techniques like:

  • Prompt weighting – Use parentheses to weight parts of a prompt, like ((silver tabby cat)) to strongly emphasize the cat
  • Negative prompts – Add , not plus undesired styles or elements, like not low resolution
  • Aspect ratio – Define width and height like –ar 16:9 for landscape images


The key to generating stunning AI images with Stable Diffusion lies in crafting descriptive, detailed prompts. Use the examples and guidelines provided to build effective prompts tailored to your creative vision. Proper prompting unlocks the full potential of this versatile AI art tool.

What prompt ideas do you have? Share them below!

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