Pro ChatGPT Prompts for Product Owners

ChatGPT is revolutionizing how product owners work. This powerful AI assistant can help generate ideas, prioritize features, and create documentation. By crafting thoughtful prompts, product owners can tap into ChatGPT’s vast knowledge to boost productivity.

Ideation and Discovery

Coming up with innovative product ideas is challenging. ChatGPT makes ideation easier by synthesizing trends, customer needs, and market gaps:

"Please suggest 5 new product ideas for the [travel industry] based on current consumer preferences and unmet needs. Outline the key capabilities and target users for each idea."

ChatGPT can also help uncover problems that customers want solved:

"Act as a customer interviewer. Ask probing questions to understand pain points users have with [existing travel apps]. Identify the root causes."  


With lengthy backlogs, prioritizing what to build next is tricky. ChatGPT can rapidly prioritize features by value and effort:

"Please prioritize the following 20 potential features for a [travel app] based on expected business value and implementation difficulty: [list features]"

Requirements Analysis

Well-defined requirements prevent misalignment down the line. Prompt ChatGPT to expand on vague user stories:

"Please improve this user story by adding more details on the user type, their goal, acceptance criteria, and edge cases: As a user, I want to book flights easily."


Creating documentation is time-consuming. ChatGPT can generate initial drafts for product owners to refine:

"Please write a 2 page user guide for [feature name] in the [app name] mobile app. Include step-by-step instructions with screenshots."


Mocking up workflows rapidly lets product owners experiment with concepts. ChatGPT can suggest layouts and UX flows:

"Please provide a high fidelity prototype for the checkout flow in our ecommerce store."

Useful Websites

  • PromptLeo – ChatGPT prompt templates for product owners
  • EarlyNode – Prompts for ideation, prioritization, and requirements
  • PromptBase – Prompts for every stage of product development

The key is crafting clear, detailed prompts so ChatGPT provides high-quality responses. Start small, iterate on prompts, and validate the outputs. Soon ChatGPT will become an indispensable assistant for any product owner!


With thoughtful prompts, ChatGPT can enhance ideation, prioritization, documentation, and more. Product owners should start experimenting today to boost their productivity and take their products to the next level. The prompts above are just a tiny sample of what’s possible.