Practical Writing Prompts for Writing Groups

Joining a writing group can provide wonderful motivation and accountability to keep you writing regularly. However, coming up with ideas for what to write about at each meeting can be a creative challenge.

Using AI writing prompts is a great way to spark your imagination and get your creative juices flowing. AI tools like ChatGPT can suggest prompts tailored to your writing group’s interests and goals.

Here are some AI prompt examples you can try at your next writing group meeting:

Fun Icebreaker Prompts

  • Describe your perfect writing retreat in vivid sensory detail. Include sights, sounds, smells, etc.
  • You wake up one morning with a superpower – what is it and how do you use it?
  • A talking animal knocks on your door and says it needs your help. What happens next?

Icebreaker prompts help everyone warm up and tap into their creativity. Generate silly or unexpected scenarios to get your writing group laughing and engaged.

Character and Setting Prompts

  • Write a scene featuring a character who discovers something unexpected about their neighborhood.
  • Describe a tavern in a fantasy world where magical beings gather and socialize.
  • A spaceship captain records their final log entry as their ship drifts powerless through space.

Focusing on character and setting elements provides the constraints writers need to construct an imaginative scene or story. Describe relationships, emotional arcs, and rich worldbuilding details.

Genre-Specific Prompts

  • Compose a short melancholy poem about lost love.
  • Draft a comedic email exchange between an archeologist and the museum sponsoring their latest expedition.
  • Write a suspenseful opening scene featuring two friends exploring an abandoned building.

Tailor prompts to the type of writing your group enjoys most, whether poetry, literary fiction, genre fiction, creative nonfiction, scripts, etc. Stretch your skills by occasionally experimenting in unfamiliar genres too.

Helpful Tools for Generating Writing Prompts

Beyond using your imagination, there are some great AI tools for producing writing prompts:


  • Ask ChatGPT to “Give me 5 creative writing prompts for a fiction writers group”
  • Customize prompts by specifying details like genre, character types, setting, etc.


  • Sudowrite’s AI Writing Assistant can generate prompts if you select “Fiction plot, character, setting ideas”


Creative Writing Prompts

  • This website offers new daily prompts sent to your inbox

Pro Tips for Using AI Writing Prompts Effectively

Here are some best practices when integrating AI prompts into your writing group:

Provide Context

  • Explain the purpose of your group, members’ interests, and preferred genres
  • This helps the AI tailor relevant, high-quality prompts

Encourage Creativity

  • Invite members to take prompts as inspiration rather than rigid instructions
  • Flexibility sparks imagination and avoids repetitive stories

Mix It Up

  • Alternate between member-generated and AI prompts for variety
  • Sprinkle in constraints like word counts or time limits

Customize for Members

  • Personalize prompts for members’ distinct writing styles and strengths
  • Occasionally assign the same prompt to everyone as an experiment

Evaluate Quality

  • Proofread AI prompts for errors before sharing them with your group
  • Cherrypick the best prompts and discard low-quality ones

Useful Websites for Writing Groups

Here are some websites you may find helpful for running a writing group:

I hope these AI prompt examples and tips help you and your writing group flex your creative muscles! Let the imaginative ideas flow.