Negative prompts to avoid issues in Stable Diffusion portraits


Brief background on Stable Diffusion and using negative prompts.

Common Portrait Issues

  • Strange distortions or mutations
  • Extra/missing body parts
  • Poor anatomy
  • Low image quality

Basic Negative Prompts

Explain the purpose and provide examples of commonly used negative prompts like:

  • ugly, deformed, disfigured
  • extra fingers, mutated hands
  • bad anatomy, bad proportions

Portrait-Specific Negative Prompts

Provide negative prompt examples to fix specific portrait issues:

  • Prevent distortions: (deformed face:1.2)
  • Improve quality: (low resolution:1.5)
  • Fix anatomy: (bad anatomy:1.3)

Advanced Techniques

Briefly explain advanced prompt engineering like weighting for emphasis.


Recap key learnings and importance of negative prompts for improving Stable Diffusion portraits.

Useful Resources

List 2-3 helpful websites from the search results for further reading.

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