Maximizing Battery Drain: iPhone 4S Siri Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples that you can use to maximize battery drain on your iPhone 4S using Siri. By utilizing these commands, you can quickly drain your battery and test the limits of your device’s power consumption.

Web Browsing

“Search Google for funny cat videos”
“Open Facebook and scroll through the news feed for 1 hour”
“Load 10 tabs of high-resolution images in Safari”
“Watch a full-length HD movie on YouTube”
“Open multiple tabs of resource-heavy websites like news sites and social media platforms”
“Stream music from a high-quality music service for several hours”

App Usage

“Play graphics-intensive mobile games for an extended period”
“Keep multiple apps open in the background while using other apps”
“Use GPS navigation for an extended period without charging”
“Record and edit high-definition videos using a video editing app”


“Make constant video calls using FaceTime”
“Send and receive a large number of multimedia messages”
“Initiate a group FaceTime call with multiple participants”
“Leave multiple messaging apps running in the background”

Device Settings

“Maximize screen brightness and keep it on at all times”
“Set a resource-intensive live wallpaper as the background”
“Enable all available notifications for apps and incoming messages”
“Activate all available location services for apps and system functions”
“Keep Bluetooth and Wi-Fi constantly turned on, even when not in use”
“Leave multiple apps running in the background”
“Set the screen timeout to its longest duration”


“Use Siri to constantly perform tasks that require internet access”
“Set up and use Siri shortcuts for multiple actions that involve data usage”
“Use the iPhone’s camera to record high-definition videos for an extended period”
“Play resource-heavy audio files using music streaming apps”
“Use voice commands to constantly search and load high-resolution images and videos”
“Install and use resource-intensive third-party apps and services”