Mastering Your Music with Bixby: Voice Command Examples for Samsung Music

Mastering Your Music with Bixby: Voice Command Examples for Samsung Music

Welcome to our guide on mastering your music with Bixby voice commands for Samsung Music! Below, you will find a comprehensive list of voice command examples that will allow you to enhance your music listening experience with ease. Whether you want to play a specific song, create a playlist, or explore new genres, Bixby is here to assist you. So sit back, relax, and let Bixby take your music enjoyment to the next level!

#1 Playback Control

“Play [song/artist/album/playlist]”




“Go back”

“Play next”

“Play previous”

“Fast forward”


“Shuffle on/off”

“Repeat on/off”

“Turn up the volume”

“Turn down the volume”

“Set the volume to [1-10]”

#2 Personalized Music

“Like this song”

“Dislike this song”

“Add this song to my favorites”

“Remove this song from my favorites”

“Create a new playlist”

“Add this song to “

“Remove this song from “

“Play my favorites”

“Play my workout playlist”

#3 Music Discovery

“Play popular songs”

“Play top charts”

“Play new releases”

“Play similar songs”

“Play [genre] music”

“Play music from the 90s”

“Find songs by [artist]”

“Play music by [artist]”

“Play music similar to [artist]”

“Play a random song”

#4 Music Organization

“Sort my music by artist”

“Sort my music by album”

“Sort my music by genre”

“Sort my music by release date”

“Search for songs with bixby samsung music commands”

“Create a new folder”

“Move songs to [folder name]”

“Delete [song/album/playlist]”

“Rename [song/album/playlist]”

“Update album artwork”

#5 Music Information

“What song is playing?”

“Who is the artist of this song?”

“What album is this song from?”

“What genre is this song?”

“What is the release date of this song?”

“Tell me more about this artist”

“Who wrote this song?”

“What are the lyrics to this song?”

“Find songs with [lyrics/phrase]”

“Translate the lyrics of this song to [language]”

#6 Settings and Customization

“Change playback speed”

“Enable/disable crossfade”

“Set sleep timer for [10/20/30] minutes”

“Enable/disable explicit content filter”

“Choose default music player”

“Change theme color”

“Set equalizer to [rock/pop/jazz/classical]”

“Create a widget for Samsung Music”

“Change sound mode to [bass/soft/vocal/treble]”

“Change Bixby voice command language”

These voice command examples are just the beginning of what you can accomplish with Bixby and Samsung Music. Feel free to explore further and discover even more ways to master your music experience with the power of voice commands. Enjoy your favorite tunes, effortlessly control your playback, and let Bixby be your ultimate music companion!