Mastering Siri’s Voice Commands: How to Delete Unwanted Prompts

Are you tired of Siri constantly prompting you with unwanted suggestions? Mastering Siri’s voice commands can help you take control of your device and eliminate these unwanted prompts. Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to delete unwanted prompts and make your Siri experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Basic Siri commands

“Hey Siri, delete my browsing history.”
“Hey Siri, clear my notification history.”
“Hey Siri, turn off suggested apps.”
“Hey Siri, disable location-based reminders.”
“Hey Siri, stop suggesting contacts when I search.”

Calendar and Reminders

“Hey Siri, remove all reminders from my list.”
“Hey Siri, delete my upcoming appointments.”
“Hey Siri, clear my calendar for next week.”
“Hey Siri, disable event suggestions in my calendar.”
“Hey Siri, stop reminding me about upcoming birthdays.”

Music and Media

“Hey Siri, remove suggested music from my playlist.”
“Hey Siri, delete my recently played songs.”
“Hey Siri, clear my listening history.”
“Hey Siri, disable automatic video suggestions.”
“Hey Siri, stop recommending new podcasts.”

Contacts and Messages

“Hey Siri, delete suggested contacts.”
“Hey Siri, clear my recent call list.”
“Hey Siri, remove suggested contacts from my messages.”
“Hey Siri, disable suggested email addresses.”
“Hey Siri, stop suggesting message replies.”

General Device Settings

“Hey Siri, turn off Siri suggestions.”
“Hey Siri, disable app suggestions in Spotlight Search.”
“Hey Siri, remove suggested app shortcuts from the lock screen.”
“Hey Siri, clear suggested shortcuts on my home screen.”
“Hey Siri, stop suggesting Siri app suggestions.”

By mastering these voice commands, you can effectively manage and delete unwanted prompts from Siri, giving you more control over your device and a more streamlined user experience.