Mastering Siri: Essential Voice Command Examples for Appointments

Are you looking to streamline your appointment scheduling process using Siri? Below are some essential voice command examples you can use to master Siri and easily manage your appointments. From setting up meetings to checking your calendar, these voice commands will make your appointment management a breeze.

Setting Up Appointments

“Set up a meeting with John for 2pm tomorrow”
“Schedule a hair appointment for next Thursday at 10am”
“Book a reservation at the restaurant for dinner on Saturday”
“Add a dentist appointment for next month to my calendar”
“Create an appointment with the client for next week”

Checking and Managing Appointments

“What’s on my calendar for today?”
“Show me my appointments for next week”
“Cancel my appointment with the doctor on Friday”
“Move my meeting with Sarah to 3pm”
“Reschedule my dentist appointment for next Monday”
“Delete my lunch appointment for tomorrow”

Getting Reminders and Notifications

“Remind me about my doctor appointment at 9am”
“Set a reminder for my haircut appointment at 3pm”
“Notify me about my dinner reservation at 7pm”
“Remind me of my meeting with the client at 2pm”
“Alert me about my yoga class at 6pm”

Locating and Navigating to Appointments

“Find the address of my next appointment”
“Get directions to my meeting with John”
“Take me to my hair salon appointment”
“Navigate to the restaurant for my dinner reservation”
“Show me the location of my dentist appointment”