Mastering Harmony Commands with Google Assistant: Examples and Tips

If you’re a Google Assistant user, you probably know some of the basic voice commands like setting an alarm or sending a text message. But did you know that you can also use Google Assistant to control your home entertainment system? With Harmony Commands, you can easily control your TV and other devices with voice commands. In this article, we’ll look at some examples and tips for mastering Harmony Commands with Google Assistant.

#1 Turning on your TV and devices

“Turn on my TV”
“Turn on my cable box”
“Turn on my PlayStation”
“Turn on my soundbar”

#2 Adjusting the volume

“Turn up the volume on my TV”
“Set volume to 50 percent on my soundbar”
“Mute the volume on my TV”
“Unmute the volume on my sound system”

#3 Changing channels and inputs

“Switch to channel 7 on my cable box”
“Go to HDMI 2 on my TV”
“Change input to DVD player on my receiver”
“Go to the next channel on my TV”

#4 Controlling playback

“Pause my movie”
“Resume playing my TV show”
“Fast forward 10 minutes on my movie”
“Rewind 30 seconds on my song”

#5 Setting up activities

“Watch a movie”
“Play video games”
“Listen to music”
“Watch TV”

#6 Customizing activities

“Add my Blu-ray player to the movie activity”
“Remove my gaming console from the play games activity”
“Set my TV to turn off after the movie activity is finished”
“Have my soundbar turn on automatically when the listen to music activity is started”

#7 Creating shortcuts

“Create a shortcut for watch TV”
“Create a shortcut for play music”
“Create a shortcut for watch Netflix”
“Create a shortcut for turn off all devices”

#8 Adding devices

“Add a new device”
“Add a new TV”
“Add a new speaker system”
“Add a new streaming device”