Mastering Google Assistant Voice Commands with IFTTT: Example Scenarios

If you’re looking to take your Google Assistant voice commands to the next level, integrating IFTTT – a popular automation tool – can help you achieve more with your devices than ever before. With IFTTT, you can create “applets” that execute tasks based on a trigger – such as a Google Assistant command. From controlling your smart home devices to tracking your daily water intake, the possibilities are endless. Below are some example scenarios and the voice commands you can use to achieve them with Google Assistant and IFTTT.

#1 Smart Home Controls

“Ok Google, trigger Movie Time” – Turns off the lights and dims the living room smart bulbs.

“Ok Google, set the thermostat to 78 degrees” – Sets the thermostat to the desired temperature.

“Hey Google, start my Roomba” – Starts the Roomba vacuum.

#2 Entertainment

“Hey Google, trigger Movie Night” – Turns off the lights and dims the living room smart bulbs, adjusts the thermostat, and turns on the TV.

“Ok Google, trigger Good Morning” – Plays a designated morning news podcast on your smart speaker.

“Hey Google, trigger Meditation Time” – Plays a guided meditation on your smart speaker.

#3 Work Productivity

“Ok Google, trigger Meeting Time” – Sets your phone to silent, silences your home speakers, and sets your calendar to “in a meeting”.

“Hey Google, add a task to my Todoist” – Adds a new task that you dictate to Google Assistant to your Todoist task list.

“Hey Google, trigger Focus Mode” – Blocks off distracting websites on your computer or phone for a set amount of time.

#4 Health and Fitness

“Ok Google, trigger Water Reminder” – Sets a reminder for you to drink water based on your desired frequency.

“Hey Google, how many calories are in X?” – Gets nutritional information for a food item.

“Hey Google, trigger Workout Time” – Plays a designated workout playlist on your smart speaker and starts a timer for your workout.

#5 Weather and News

“Ok Google, trigger Weather Report” – Gets the latest weather report for your location.

“Hey Google, play the news” – Plays the latest news podcast on your smart speaker.

“Ok Google, trigger Traffic Update” – Gets the latest traffic update for your location.