Mastering Google Assistant Voice Commands for Toddlers

Mastering Google Assistant voice commands can become a fun activity for both parents and kids. Toddlers love to explore and learn new things every day, and using voice commands can be a great help to enhance their curiosity. Parents can use these commands to play games, sing songs, tell stories, answer questions, and much more. Here are some voice command examples that you can use to start mastering Google Assistant Voice Commands with your toddler.

#1. Fun Commands

“Hey Google, sing me a song!”
“Hey Google, tell me a joke!”
“Hey Google, play a guessing game with me!”
“Hey Google, play animal sounds!”
“Hey Google, let’s play tic-tac-toe!”
“Hey Google, tell me a riddle!”
“Hey Google, can you beatbox?”

#2. Story Commands

“Hey Google, tell me a bedtime story!”
“Hey Google, can you read me a book?”
“Hey Google, tell me a fairy tale!”
“Hey Google, tell me a story about a princess!”
“Hey Google, tell me a story about a dragon!”
“Hey Google, tell me a story about a superhero!”

#3. Learning Commands

“Hey Google, how do I spell ‘apple’?”
“Hey Google, what’s the weather like today?”
“Hey Google, what’s the capital city of France?”
“Hey Google, what’s the tallest animal in the world?”
“Hey Google, what’s the color of the sky?”
“Hey Google, what’s the time now?”

#4. Play Commands

“Hey Google, play my favorite song!”
“Hey Google, play some music for me!”
“Hey Google, shuffle my playlist!”
“Hey Google, play my ‘happy’ playlist!”
“Hey Google, play some classical music!”
“Hey Google, play my favorite radio station!”

#5. Eating Commands

“Hey Google, let’s cook together!”
“Hey Google, find me a recipe for pancakes!”
“Hey Google, when should I add the sugar?”
“Hey Google, how much salt do I need for this recipe?”
“Hey Google, how do I make ice cream?”
“Hey Google, what’s your favorite food?”