Mastering Cortana: A Comprehensive Guide to Windows 10 Voice Commands

Are you looking to become more proficient in using Windows 10 voice commands with Cortana? Look no further than “Mastering Cortana: A Comprehensive Guide to Windows 10 Voice Commands.” This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know to harness the full power of Cortana on your Windows 10 device. Below are some examples of voice commands you can start using right away to streamline your daily tasks and enhance your productivity.

#1 Basic System Commands

“Open File Explorer.”
“Minimize all windows.”
“Open Control Panel.”
“Show desktop.”
“Open Task Manager.”
“Lock my PC.”

#2 Web Browsing Commands

“Open Chrome.”
“Go to”
“Search for restaurants near me.”
“Open YouTube.”
“Add this page to my favorites.”
“Switch to the next tab.”

#3 Productivity Commands

“Create a new document.”
“Open Microsoft Excel.”
“Set a reminder for 3:00 PM.”
“Send an email to John.”
“Start a new meeting on Zoom.”
“Open OneNote.”

#4 Entertainment Commands

“Play my favorite playlist.”
“Open Netflix.”
“Skip this song.”
“Turn up the volume.”
“Show me movie showtimes.”
“Pause the video.”

#5 Personal Assistance Commands

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Remind me to buy milk tomorrow.”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Define ‘serendipity’.”
“Find a nearby pharmacy.”
“Change my nickname to ‘Superstar’.”

#6 System Customization Commands

“Change my background image.”
“Adjust screen brightness.”
“Change my default printer.”
“Switch to dark mode.”
“Change my theme color to blue.”
“Turn on night light.”