Mastering Alexa Show Commands with Voice Commands

Welcome to the guide on Mastering Alexa Show Commands with Voice Commands. With the introduction of the Alexa Show, the smart speaker now includes a screen to enhance your user experience. By mastering these voice command examples, you will be able to control your Alexa Show device without having to physically interact with it. Below are some examples of voice commands that you can use to control your Alexa Show device.

#1 Basic Commands

“Alexa, show me the time.”
“Alexa, show me the weather forecast for today.”
“Alexa, turn off the screen.”
“Alexa, turn on the screen.”
“Alexa, show me my upcoming appointments.”
“Alexa, show me the news headlines.”

#2 Music Commands

“Alexa, play some music.”
“Alexa, play some jazz.”
“Alexa, skip this song.”
“Alexa, pause the music.”
“Alexa, resume the music.”
“Alexa, stop the music.”

#3 Video Commands

“Alexa, show me a video of cats.”
“Alexa, play the latest episode of Friends.”
“Alexa, pause the video.”
“Alexa, skip ahead 30 seconds.”
“Alexa, rewind 2 minutes.”
“Alexa, stop the video.”

#4 Smart Home Commands

“Alexa, turn off the living room lights.”
“Alexa, set the bedroom temperature to 70 degrees.”
“Alexa, turn on the TV.”
“Alexa, set the kitchen lights to 50% brightness.”
“Alexa, turn off the coffee maker.”
“Alexa, start the dishwasher.”

#5 Shopping Commands

“Alexa, order toilet paper.”
“Alexa, add milk to my shopping list.”
“Alexa, what’s on sale at Whole Foods?”
“Alexa, track my Amazon package.”
“Alexa, reorder my dog’s food.”
“Alexa, show me my shopping list.”

#6 Communication Commands

“Alexa, call mom.”
“Alexa, send a text message to John.”
“Alexa, show me my video calls.”
“Alexa, decline the call.”
“Alexa, answer the call.”
“Alexa, mute the mic.”