Master Your Samsung TV: Bixby Voice Command Examples

Mastering the voice commands on your Samsung TV can greatly enhance your viewing experience, making it more convenient and user-friendly. With the Bixby voice command feature, you can effortlessly control various functions on your TV without having to lift a finger. Below are some examples of voice commands that you can use to navigate and optimize your Samsung TV settings. Whether you want to change channels, adjust volume, search for content, or explore smart features, these voice commands will help you make the most out of your TV experience.

#1 Basic TV Controls

“Turn on/off the TV.”
“Change the channel to [channel name/number].”
“Turn up/down the volume.”
“Mute the TV.”
“Switch to HDMI [number].”

#2 Content Search and Recommendations

“Search for [movie/TV show title].”
“Find action movies.”
“Show me popular TV shows.”
“Find comedies with [actor/actress name].”
“What are the latest releases?”

#3 Smart Features and Apps

“Open Netflix/YouTube/Amazon Prime Video.”
“Launch the web browser.”
“Play my watchlist on [app name].”
“Change the app settings.”
“Set a reminder for [TV show/movie].”

#4 TV Settings and Customization

“Adjust the picture settings.”
“Change the sound mode to [mode].”
“Activate game mode.”
“Turn on/off closed captions.”
“Set a sleep timer for [X] minutes.”

#5 TV Information and Help

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Tell me a joke.”
“Translate [phrase] to [language].”
“How do I connect to Wi-Fi?”
“Ask Bixby for help.”

#6 Channel and Program Management

“Go to the TV guide.”
“Show me the schedule for [channel name].”
“Record this program.”
“Delete all recorded shows.”
“Switch to [channel] on Picture-in-Picture mode.”

#7 Smart Home Integration

“Turn off the lights.”
“Play [song/playlist] on [smart speaker].”
“Set the temperature to [X] degrees on [thermostat].”
“Lock the door.”
“Show the live feed from [security camera].”

#8 Personalized Recommendations

“Suggest similar movies to [movie title].”
“Recommend a new TV show for me.”
“Find more content like this.”
“Show me ‘what to watch next’ suggestions.”
“Get personalized recommendations.”

#9 Sports and Live TV Controls

“Switch to [channel name/number].”
“Show me the sports schedule.”
“Record the game.”
“Go to last channel.”
“Skip back [X] minutes.”

#10 Device Control

“Control [device name] with Bixby.”
“Connect to Bluetooth speaker.”
“Turn on/off [device name].”
“Adjust the volume on [device name].”
“Sync [device name] with the TV.”

Remember to activate the Bixby voice assistant on your Samsung TV and have fun mastering these voice commands to take full control of your viewing experience.