Master Voice Control: Top Siri Commands for AirPods

Welcome to Master Voice Control: Top Siri commands for AirPods! In this article, we will explore a range of Siri commands that can be used to utilize the powerful voice control features of your AirPods. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of voice command examples that cover various functionalities. Whether you want to control music playback, check the battery status, or perform quick actions, Siri has got you covered. So, let’s dive in and discover how to take full advantage of Siri with your AirPods.

#1 Music Playback

“Play my favorite songs.”

“Play the next track.”

“Pause the music.”

“Skip this song.”

“Play the previous track.”

“Shuffle the playlist.”

“Turn up the volume.”

“Turn down the volume.”

“Play the album ‘Divide’ by Ed Sheeran.”

“Play some chill music.”

“What song is playing?”

#2 Phone and Messaging

“Call John.”

“Send a message to Emily. Text her I’ll be there in 10 minutes.”

“Read my last message.”

“Find messages from Mom.”

“Answer the incoming call.”

“What’s the weather like today?”

“FaceTime Sarah.”

“Create a reminder. Remind me to buy groceries.”

“Call the nearest restaurant.”

“Open WhatsApp.”

#3 Notifications and Settings

“Read my notifications.”

“Check the battery status.”

“Change the wallpaper to a beach image.”

“Enable Do Not Disturb.”

“Set an alarm for 7 am.”

“What’s my schedule like tomorrow?”

“Turn on/off Bluetooth.”

“Enable Airplane Mode.”

“Open the Camera app.”

“What’s the Wi-Fi password?”

#4 Searching and Information

“Search the web for new movies.”

“What’s the capital of France?”

“How tall is Mount Everest?”

“Open Maps and navigate to the nearest gas station.”

“Tell me a joke.”

“What’s the latest news?”

“Find restaurants nearby.”

“Search for vegan recipes.”

“Translate ‘Hello’ to French.”

“What’s the definition of ‘serendipity’?”

#5 AirPods Specific

“Increase the transparency mode.”

“Find my AirPods.”

“Enable Spatial Audio.”

“Switch to Noise Cancellation.”

“Lower the volume in one AirPod.”

“Charge my AirPods.”

“Rename my AirPods.”

“Share audio with my friend’s AirPods.”

“Find AirPods Pro accessories.”

“Check the battery percentage of the case and both AirPods.”

These are just a few examples of the numerous Siri commands that can be utilized to control your AirPods. With Siri’s voice control capabilities, you can effortlessly manage music, phone calls, texts, settings, and much more, all with a simple voice command. Remember to keep exploring and experimenting with Siri to fully optimize your AirPods experience!