Master Google Assistant’s MyQ Commands with These Voice Examples

If you’re a busy individual who’s always on the go, controlling your garage can be a hassle. This is where Master Google Assistant’s MyQ Commands comes in. With the help of MyQ Commands, you can easily operate your garage door with just a few voice commands. In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful voice examples that you can use to control your garage without having to physically touch anything.

Opening and Closing Commands

“Hey Google, open garage door.”

“Hey Google, close garage door.”

“Hey Google, close garage door in 30 minutes.”

“Hey Google, stop garage door.”

“Hey Google, pause garage door.”

Checking the Status of your Garage Door

“Hey Google, is the garage door open/closed?”

“Hey Google, what’s the current status of my garage door?”

“Hey Google, is my garage door locked?”

Light Commands

“Hey Google, turn on the garage light.”

“Hey Google, turn off the garage light.”

“Hey Google, dim the garage light to 50%.”

MyQ Schedule Commands

“Hey Google, set my MyQ Schedule for weekdays at 5pm.”

“Hey Google, what is my MyQ Schedule?”

“Hey Google, cancel my MyQ Schedule.”

Security Commands

“Hey Google, activate my garage security.”

“Hey Google, deactivate my garage security.”

“Hey Google, is my garage currently secure?”

Temperature Commands

“Hey Google, set the garage temperature to 70 degrees.”

“Hey Google, what’s the current temperature in the garage?”

“Hey Google, what’s the temperature set to in the garage?”

Other Commands

“Hey Google, show me the MyQ app.”

“Hey Google, play music in the garage.”

“Hey Google, remind me to close the garage door at 10pm.”

“Hey Google, what’s the weather like in the garage?”

“Hey Google, turn on the garage fan.”