Master Google Assistant: Voice Commands for Nest Thermostat

If you’ve got a Nest Thermostat, you’ll be pleased to know that you can control it hands-free using your Google Assistant. The two can be easily paired, and you can start using voice commands to control your thermostat in no time. Below are some examples of the things you can say to your Google Assistant to control your Nest Thermostat.

#1 Basic Commands

“Set the temperature to 72 degrees”
“Increase the temperature by 2 degrees”
“Lower the temperature by 3 degrees”
“What’s the current temperature?”
“Turn on the fan”
“Turn off the fan”
“What’s the humidity level?”

#2 Advanced Commands

“Set the temperature to 72 degrees and leave it on until 5 pm”
“Decrease the temperature by 3 degrees for the next hour”
“Set the thermostat to vacation mode”
“Resume the normal schedule”
“Turn off the air conditioning for the next 4 hours”
“Turn on the heat for the next 2 hours”
“Set the temperature to 68 degrees at 10 pm”

#3 Room-Specific Commands

“Turn on the heat in the living room”
“Set the temperature to 72 degrees in the bedroom”
“Turn off the air conditioning in the kitchen”
“Increase the temperature in the garage”
“What’s the temperature in the guest room?”

#4 Schedule Commands

“Add a new schedule for Monday”
“Delete the schedule for Tuesday”
“Modify the schedule for Wednesday”
“What’s the schedule for Thursday?”
“Turn off the schedule for Friday”
“Resume the normal schedule for Saturday”

#5 Mode Commands

“Turn off the air conditioning and set the fan to on”
“Turn on the heat and set the fan to auto”
“Switch to eco mode”
“Switch to heat mode”
“Switch to cool mode”
“Switch to off mode”
“Switch to fan mode”