Master ChatGPT Prompts for Job Seekers

As a job seeker in 2023, leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT for your resume can give you a distinct advantage. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can optimize your resume to highlight your skills, achievements, and fit for the roles you want.

Here are some of my top prompts for job seekers looking to level up their resume game:

Analyze the Job Description

The first step is letting ChatGPT analyze the specifics of the job posting. This allows it to extract the most relevant keywords to include in your resume.

Prompt: Pretend you are an applicant tracking system. Review this job listing and extract important keywords: [paste job description]

Rewrite Your Resume

Armed with those keywords, ChatGPT can then rewrite your resume to maximize matches. This helps you get past automated screening tools and catch a recruiter’s eye.

Prompt: Based on your keyword analysis, rewrite the summary and work experience sections of my resume to best fit this job: [paste resume and job description]

Craft Achievement Statements

Resumes full of vague, dry duties won’t make you stand out. Use ChatGPT to inject measurable wins into your bullet points. Quantify your accomplishments and the impact you made.

Prompt: I achieved [X] in my role as [Y] by doing [Z]. Please reword this accomplishment as a resume bullet point emphasizing scope and impact.

Optimizing Your Cover Letters

A stellar cover letter is your chance to expand on your resume and show why you’re an ideal fit. With the right prompts, ChatGPT can make those connections for you.

Relate Your Background to the Role

Use this template to have ChatGPT craft customized cover letter intros that bridge your experiences with what the hiring manager needs.

Prompt: I am applying for [job title] at [company]. The position requires skills in [top 2-3 requirements from job description]. I would be a great fit because in my work as [your job title], I have successfully [share a relevant accomplishment]. Please write an opening cover letter paragraph relating my background to this role.

Address Key Selection Criteria

Australian roles often have defined selection criteria. Use this prompt to structure your cover letter around exactly what they’re looking for.

Prompt: The selection criteria for [job title] are: [paste criteria]. Please draft 2-3 sentences demonstrating how my background meets each criterion, with examples of related accomplishments.

Close With a Value Proposition

Conclude your cover letter by reiterating why you’re the top choice for the job in a quick value proposition paragraph.

Prompt: Please write one paragraph I can include at the end of my cover letter to summarize why I am an excellent fit for [job title] based on the rest of my letter. Emphasize the key strengths I bring.

Preparing For Job Interviews

ChatGPT is also invaluable for getting interview-ready. Use it to practice answers, identify likely questions, and sharpen your stories.

Craft Talking Points

Arm yourself with concise explanations of your top resume bullet points to help you discuss past projects.

Prompt: Please provide 4-5 concise talking points I can use to expand on this resume achievement in interviews: [paste accomplishment bullet point].

Generate Expected Questions

Get a list of likely interview questions based on the job description so you can practice responses.

Prompt: What are 5 common behavioral interview questions someone applying for [job title] would likely have to answer? Provide some sample answers drawing from experiences on my resume: [paste resume]

Strengthen Your Narratives

Refine your stories to highlight positive themes like teamwork, creativity under pressure, and leadership.

Prompt: Tell me a story demonstrating creativity from my background. Please edit the story to focus on resourcefulness in the face of challenges: [share your story]

Using the right ChatGPT prompts can give your resume, cover letters, and interview prep a boost. Try out some of these templates for your next job search!

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