Lifx: Google Assistant Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples that you can use with Lifx and Google Assistant to control your smart lights. Whether you want to change the color, adjust the brightness, or create a specific scene, these voice commands will help you effortlessly control your Lifx lights.

#1 Basic Light Control

“Turn on the lights.”
“Turn off the lights.”
“Dim the lights to 50 percent.”
“Set the lights to maximum brightness.”
“Turn the lights to 3000 Kelvin.”

#2 Color Control

“Set the lights to red.”
“Change the lights to green.”
“Turn the lights to blue.”
“Set the lights to a warm white color.”
“Make the lights purple.”

#3 Scene Control

“Activate the bedtime scene.”
“Activate the movie night scene.”
“Activate the party scene.”
“Activate the focus mode scene.”
“Activate the romantic dinner scene.”

#4 Group Control

“Turn on the bedroom lights.”
“Turn off the kitchen lights.”
“Set the living room lights to 50 percent.”
“Change the color of the dining room lights to orange.”
“Activate the relax scene in the office.”

#5 Schedule Control

“Set up a schedule to turn on the lights at 7 PM.”
“Turn off the lights in 30 minutes.”
“Change the color of the lights at 5 PM.”
“Activate the morning routine at 8 AM.”

#6 Music Sync

“Sync lights with music.”
“Turn on the music sync feature.”
“Change the light effects according to the music rhythm.”
“Sync lights with my Spotify playlist.”

#7 Location-based Control

“Turn on the lights when I arrive home.”
“Turn off the lights when I leave the house.”
“Adjust the lights when I’m in the living room.”
“Change the color of the lights in the bedroom.”

#8 Routine Control

“Activate my bedtime routine.”
“Turn off all lights as part of my leaving home routine.”
“Start my morning routine with the lights.”
“Set the lights to focus mode for my work routine.”

#9 Color Temperature Control

“Set the lights to daylight.”
“Change the lights to warm white.”
“Turn the lights to cool white.”
“Adjust the color temperature to 4000 Kelvin.”

#10 App Control

“Open the Lifx app.”
“Add a new light in the Lifx app.”
“Delete a light from the Lifx app.”
“Turn off all lights using the Lifx app.”

By using these voice command examples, you can fully utilize the functionalities of Lifx and Google Assistant to effortlessly control your smart lights and create the perfect lighting atmosphere for any occasion.