Lifx Alexa Commands: Master Your Smart Home with Voice Control

Whether you want your smart home to be more personalized or easy to control, Lifx Alexa commands provide the perfect solution. With voice control technology, you can turn your lights on or off without even lifting a finger. Below are some examples of Lifx Alexa Commands you can use to master your smart home with voice control.

#1 Basic Light Control

“Turn on the bedroom light.”
“Turn off the living room light.”
“Set the kitchen lights to 50% brightness.”
“Dim the bathroom lights.”

#2 Color Control

“Turn the hallway light red.”
“Set the dining room lights to purple.”
“Make the study lamps blue.”
“Change the color of the bedroom lights.”

#3 Scene Control

“Activate the relaxation scene.”
“Turn on the movie mode scene.”
“Activate the reading scene.”
“Turn on the party scene.”

#4 Group Control

“Turn on all the lights.”
“Turn off the upstairs lights.”
“Set the downstairs lights to 80% brightness.”
“Dim the kitchen and dining room lights.”

#5 Timer and Schedule Control

“Turn off the bedroom lights in 30 minutes.”
“Set a timer for 15 minutes on the living room lights.”
“Turn on the outdoor lights at 7 pm.”
“Schedule the bedroom lights to turn on at 6 am.”

#6 Custom Commands

“Turn on the nightlight.”
“Make the lights dance.”
“Activate the romantic mode.”
“Turn on the disco lights.”

#7 Room Control

“Turn off the lights in the guest room.”
“Set the lights in the master bedroom to red.”
“Dim the lights in the nursery.”
“Turn on the lights in the home office.”

#8 Brightness Control

“Set the living room lights to 80% brightness.”
“Make the kitchen lights brighter.”
“Dim the hallway lights.”
“Set the dining room lights to 30% brightness.”

#9 Mode Control

“Turn on the candle mode.”
“Activate the fire mode.”
“Turn on the strobe mode.”
“Activate the TV mode.”

#10 Temperature Control

“Make the living room lights warmer.”
“Set the bedroom lights to daylight white.”
“Make the bathroom lights cooler.”
“Set the dining room lights to a warm glow.”