Impress with Siri: Voice Commands for iPhone 6

Impress with Siri: Voice Commands for iPhone 6

Are you tired of typing out long messages or searching for certain apps on your iPhone 6? Look no further than Siri voice commands. With just a simple “Hey Siri,” you can perform a variety of tasks hands-free, making your iPhone 6 experience even more convenient. Below are some voice command examples to get you started.

Text Messages

#1 “Send a text message to [contact name] saying [message].”
#2 “Read my latest text message.”
#3 “Reply to [contact name] saying [message].”
#4 “Add [contact name] to my VIP list.”
#5 “What are my unread messages?”

Phone Calls

#6 “Call [contact name].”
#7 “Call [contact name] on speakerphone.”
#8 “Call [business name].”
#9 “Redial the last number I called.”
#10 “What’s [contact name]’s phone number?”


#11 “Send an email to [contact name] about [subject].”
#12 “Read my latest email from [contact name].”
#13 “Mark this email as unread.”
#14 “What are my unread emails?”

Calendar and Reminders

#15 “Schedule a meeting for [date and time] with [contact name].”
#16 “Cancel my meeting with [contact name] on [date and time].”
#17 “Add a reminder to [reminders list] to [task].”
#18 “What’s on my calendar for [date]?”
#19 “Set a timer for [number] minutes.”

Weather and Directions

#20 “What’s the weather today?”
#21 “What’s the weather in [city]?”
#22 “Get directions to [location].”
#23 “What’s my current location?”
#24 “What’s the traffic like on my route?”

Music and Entertainment

#25 “Play [song name].”
#26 “Play something by [artist name].”
#27 “Shuffle my music.”
#28 “What’s this song?”
#29 “Pause the music.”
#30 “Turn up the volume.”

Siri and Settings

#31 “Remind me to [task] when I get home.”
#32 “What can you do, Siri?”
#33 “Change my wallpaper.”
#34 “Turn off Wi-Fi.”
#35 “Take a picture.”

With these voice command examples, you’ll be able to navigate your iPhone 6 with ease using Siri. And the best part is, these are just a few of the many tasks Siri can do for you. Don’t be afraid to experiment with voice commands and see how Siri can further enhance your smartphone experience.