How To Use Unfavorable Prompts in Stable Diffusion GUI?

  • Unfavorable prompts are keywords you specify to tell Stable Diffusion what you do NOT want to see in the generated images.
  • They act as a filter to steer the image generation away from unwanted elements, styles, environments, etc.

How to use them

In NMKD Stable Diffusion GUI

  • Put the unfavorable prompts in square brackets [ ]. For example: “[ugly], [deformed], [duplicate]”
  • You can also assign negative weights to prompts. For example: “ugly:-2, deformed:-3”. The higher the negative number, the more it avoids that concept.

In Automatic1111 WebUI

  • List the unfavorable prompts separated by commas after the –negative-prompt flag. For example: “–negative-prompt ugly, deformed, duplicate”

Some common unfavorable prompts:

  • ugly, deformed, mutilated, disfigured, mutated, extra limbs
  • bad anatomy, gross proportions
  • blurry, low quality, jpeg artifacts
  • duplicate, cloned face
  • missing limbs, missing hands, poorly drawn hands/feet/face


  • Be as specific as possible with what you want to avoid
  • You can use unfavorable prompts to remove abstract concepts like “boring”, “weird”, etc.
  • Use them to filter out unwanted styles, environments, colors, etc.
  • Experiment to see which prompts work best for your needs

Let me know if you have any other questions!