Google Assistant Voice Command Issues with Timer Function

Are you having trouble with Google Assistant’s timer function? Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to troubleshoot timer issues with Google Assistant.

#1 Setting a Timer

“Set a timer for 10 minutes”
“Start a timer for 30 seconds”
“Create a timer for 1 hour”

#2 Checking Timer

“Check the timer”
“How much time is left on the timer?”
“Show me the timer”

#3 Canceling Timer

“Cancel the timer”
“Stop the timer”
“Clear the timer”

#4 Multiple Timers

“Set a timer for 5 minutes and 10 minutes”
“Cancel all timers”
“Show all timers”

#5 Issues with Timer Function

“Why isn’t my timer working?”
“Google Assistant timer not working”
“Timer function troubleshooting”

#6 Voice Command Help

“Help with setting a timer”
“How do I use the timer function?”
“Issues with voice commands for timer”