22 Google Assistant Commands for Youtube

Besides tons of apps, Google Assistant also supports a voice command for Youtube. With the following commands below, you can control a video on Youtube just by your voice, no setup needed.

“Ok Google, play a video.”

“Ok Google, play music on Youtube.”

“Ok Google, play meditation videos.”

“Hey Google, stop.”

“Hey Google, resume the video.”

“Ok Google, minimize video.”

“Ok Google, maximize video.”

“Hi Google, exit Youtube.”

“Hi Google, close player.”

“Hey Google, play Take on Me video.”

“Hey Google, play on (Chromecast device name).”

“Hey Google, play Youtube on Samsung TV.”

“Ok Google, disconnect from (device name).”

“Ok Google, skip ads.”

“Ok Google, play Linkin Park on Youtube.”

“Ok Google, play what’s on trending on Youtube.”

“Hi Google, enable subtitles.”

“Hi Google, turn on captions.”

“Hi Google, captions off.”

“Hi Google, subtitles off.”

“Ok Google, turn on Hindi subtitles.”

“Ok Google, skip video.”