General anime prompts for Stable Diffusion

Anime is a popular art style known for its vibrant colors, exaggerated expressions, and dynamic action. When creating anime art with AI image generators like Stable Diffusion, carefully crafted prompts are key to producing stunning results. This article provides over 50 anime prompt examples to spark your creativity.

Character Design Prompts

When designing anime characters, focus on physical attributes, clothing/accessories, and emotional tone.

A cheerful anime girl with long pink hair in twintails, wearing a blue and white school uniform, looking up at cherry blossoms with sparkling green eyes
A tall, muscular male anime character with spiky blonde hair, a red bandana, fingerless gloves, a sleeveless black shirt, camo pants, and black boots posing heroically
Cute chibi anime girl with big eyes, pink bob haircut, white cat ears hairclip, frilly pink dress, holding a teddy bear and smiling

Scenario Prompts

Set the scene by describing environments, weather conditions, other characters, and actions.

A group of anime friends hanging out on a summer day at the beach, splashing in the water and building sandcastles as the sun sets
An anime girl with a katana standing in the rain facing off against an enemy ninja in a dramatic fight scene amidst a bamboo forest 
A timid anime girl in a witch costume riding a broomstick across a night sky filled with stars and a full moon

Style Prompts

Reference art styles like studio Ghibli, 90s anime, or chibi to achieve different aesthetics.

Anime digital art of a cute fox spirit in the style of Princess Mononoke, very detailed and vibrant Ghibli style background 
90s retro anime illustration of two teenagers hanging out in a bedroom filled with manga, old gaming consoles, and snacks
Chibi anime character with blue hair wearing steampunk goggles and a tool belt, holding a wrench, detailed shading

Prompt Structure Tips

  • Use 1-3 sentences to describe characters, environments, styles and other key details
  • Specify an art medium like “digital art” or “animation cel”
  • Include adjectives for mood and aesthetics like “dramatic lighting”
  • Reference specific anime studios or artists for style inspiration
  • Add details like “intricately detailed background” for extra clarity

Useful Keywords

background, cel-shading, chibi, clothing, colorful, cute, dynamic, exaggerated, expressions, eyes, fight scene, hair, magical, moe, muscles, shadows, sparkles, studio Ghibli

Helpful Resources

With these anime prompt examples and tips, you’re ready to create magical AI-generated anime worlds! Let your imagination run wild.