16 Dish Commands for Alexa

If you have Alexa-enabled devices such as Echo Dot while subscribing to Dish, you can control it via Alexa commands. All you need to do is go to the Alexa App, then tap Enable to Use on Dish Alexa Skills. Then, you can use the following commands to ask Dish to do your favor.

“Alexa, turn on Dish.”

“Alexa, turn off Dish.”

“Alexa, change the channel to HGTV.”

“Alexa, go to channel 134.”

“Alexa, show me Marvel movies.”

“Alexa, pause.”

“Alexa, play.”

“Alexa, rewind.”

“Alexa, record this.”

“Alexa, launch Game Finder.”

“Alexa, go to my DVR.”

“Alexa, skip forward 3 minutes.”

“Alexa, fast forward 2 minutes.”

“Alexa, open Netflix.”

“Alexa, play Korean movies.”

“Alexa, find The Big Bang Theory.”

Supported devices: Hopper 3™, Hopper® with Sling®, Hopper Duo®, Hopper®, All Joey® Receivers and Wally™