Cortana Voice Command Examples: Master Your Digital Assistant!

Welcome to Cortana Voice Command Examples: Master Your Digital Assistant! In this article, we will provide you with a range of voice command examples that you can use to enhance your experience with Cortana. Whether you’re looking to streamline your daily tasks, search the web effortlessly, or manage your schedule more efficiently, Cortana is here to assist you. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of Cortana through these voice command examples!

#1 General Commands

“Hey Cortana, what’s the weather today?”
“Cortana, set an alarm for 8 am tomorrow.”
“Open Word.”
“Take a screenshot.”

#2 Search and Browsing

“Cortana, search for Italian restaurants near me.”
“What is the capital of France?”
“Find images of cute puppies.”
“Open my Facebook profile.”

#3 Entertainment and Media

“Play my ‘Workout’ playlist on Spotify.”
“Show me popular movies playing nearby.”
“Play the latest episode of ‘The Office’ on Netflix.”
“Turn up the volume.”

#4 Productivity and Organization

“Set a reminder to buy groceries at 5 pm.”
“Create a new appointment for tomorrow at 10 am.”
“Send an email to John, subject: ‘Meeting details’.”
“Add ‘Buy a birthday gift’ to my To-Do list.”

#5 System and Settings

“Cortana, turn on Quiet Hours.”
“Change my screen brightness to 70%.”
“Open Control Panel.”
“Restart my computer.”

#6 Cortana Assistants

“Hey Cortana, tell me a joke.”
“What can you do, Cortana?”
“Who is your favorite singer?”
“Set my nickname as ‘Tech Guru’.”

#7 Personalization

“Cortana, change my background to a beach image.”
“Create a custom phrase for ‘Play my favorite song’.”
“Unlock Cortana with my voice.”
“Turn off Cortana’s voice responses.”

#8 Travel and Navigation

“Find the fastest route to New York.”
“Cortana, what’s the traffic like?”
“Remind me to grab my passport before leaving.”
“Find a hotel in London for next week.”

#9 Language and Translation

“How do you say ‘hello’ in Spanish?”
“Translate ‘I love you’ to French.”
“Spell ‘onomatopoeia’.”
“What is the definition of ‘serendipity’?”

#10 Fun and Games

“Roll a dice.”
“Play rock-paper-scissors.”
“Tell me a riddle.”
“Flip a coin.”

Remember, these examples are just a glimpse of what Cortana can do. Feel free to experiment and explore the vast capabilities of this powerful digital assistant. With Cortana by your side, you will be able to streamline your tasks and accomplish more in no time!