Complete Guide to Alexa Voice Commands for Plex

Welcome to the Complete Guide to Alexa voice commands for Plex! Below, you’ll find a variety of voice command examples that you can use to control your Plex media server with Alexa. Whether you want to play a specific movie, skip to the next episode of a TV show, or adjust the volume, you can do it all with just your voice. Let’s explore the possibilities of using Alexa voice commands with Plex.

#1 Playback Controls

“Play the movie Interstellar.”
“Pause the video.”
“Resume playback.”
“Skip to the next episode.”

#2 Navigation

“Go to my TV shows library.”
“Show me the recently added movies.”
“Navigate to the comedy genre.”

#3 Search

“Search for the movie Inception.”
“Find TV shows with the title Friends.”
“Look up the actor Tom Hanks.”

#4 Volume and Audio Controls

“Set the volume to 50%.”
“Mute the sound.”
“Turn on subtitles for this movie.”

#5 Playlist and Queue Management

“Add this song to my playlist.”
“Clear the current queue.”
“Shuffle my music library.”

#6 Playback Information

“What’s playing right now?”
“Who directed this movie?”
“Show me more details about this TV show.”

#7 Playback History

“Resume the last video I watched.”
“Show me my playback history.”
“Replay the previous song.”

#8 Device Control

“Play on the living room TV.”
“Move playback to the bedroom.”
“Stop casting to the Chromecast.”

#9 Personalization

“Show me my recommended movies.”
“Play something I haven’t watched yet.”
“Recommend a TV show for me.”

#10 Remote Access

“Pause playback on the Plex Media Player.”
“Continue watching on my phone.”
“Switch to the web app for Plex.”

These are just a few examples of the many Alexa voice commands you can use with Plex. With these commands, you can streamline your media consumption and make the experience more convenient and enjoyable. So go ahead, start experimenting with voice commands and take control of your Plex media server with ease.