Bixby’s Top Music Command Examples: Master Voice Control!

Here are some voice command examples to master the art of voice control with Bixby, specifically when it comes to music commands. Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, offers a convenient and hands-free way to navigate your music library, play your favorite songs, and control your audio experience with just your voice. Whether you want to listen to a specific song, explore a genre, or even discover new music, Bixby has you covered. So, sit back, relax, and let your voice take control as you enjoy these top music command examples:

#1 Play a Song

“Play ‘Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran”

#2 Play an Artist

“Play songs by Taylor Swift”

#3 Play a Genre

“Play some jazz music”

#4 Play a Playlist

“Play my ‘Chill Vibes’ playlist”

#5 Play a Specific Album

“Play ‘Thriller’ album by Michael Jackson”

#6 Play Music by Release Year

“Play songs from 2000”

#7 Control Playback

“Pause the music” or “Resume the music”
“Skip this song” or “Skip to the next track”
“Go back” or “Play the previous track”

#8 Adjust Volume

“Increase the volume” or “Decrease the volume”
“Set the volume to 50%”

#9 Shuffle and Repeat

“Shuffle the playlist” or “Turn off shuffle”
“Repeat this song” or “Repeat the playlist”

#10 Lyrics and Song Information

“What are the lyrics to this song?”
“Who is the artist of this song?”
“What album is this song from?”

#11 Discover New Music

“Suggest some upbeat songs” or “Recommend new music”
“What’s trending in pop music?”

#12 Music Controls

“Add this song to my favorites” or “Remove this song from my library”
“Create a new playlist” or “Add this song to my ‘Workout’ playlist”

#13 Music Streaming Services

“Play music from Spotify” or “Switch to YouTube Music”
“Connect to my Apple Music account”

#14 Set Alarms with Music

“Set an alarm for 7 AM with my favorite song”
“Wake me up with my ‘Morning Energizer’ playlist”

#15 Music Recommendations

“Play some mellow music for studying”
“Recommend some relaxing songs for the evening”

#16 Play Music from a Specific Era

“Play songs from the ’80s”
“Give me classic rock hits”

#17 Control Smart Home with Music

“Play some soothing music in the living room”
“Turn off the music after 30 minutes”

#18 Discover Similar Artists

“Find artists similar to Coldplay”
“What other songs does Ariana Grande have?”

#19 Create a Party Atmosphere

“Play a party playlist”
“Add some dance music to the mix”

#20 Personalized Music Recommendations

“Suggest new music based on my listening habits”
“Recommend songs based on my mood”

#21 Control Music on Multiple Devices

“Play the same song on all my connected devices”
“Skip to the next track on my phone”

#22 Stream Radio Stations

“Play BBC Radio 1”
“Switch to my favorite rock station”

#23 Play Music for Different Activities

“Play some workout music” or “Find a yoga playlist”
“Play music for cooking” or “Music for relaxation”

#24 Find Music with Lyrics

“Play songs with ‘love’ in the lyrics”
“Find music with ‘summer’ in the lyrics”

#25 Explore Song Charts

“Play the top 100 songs”
“What are the trending songs this week?”

#26 Get Music Recommendations by Mood

“Suggest happy/upbeat songs”
“Play sad/emotional music”

#27 Explore Music by Country/Region

“Play music from Brazil”
“Find popular songs in Japan”

#28 Learn About Music History

“What are some iconic songs from the ’90s?”
“Tell me about the origins of hip-hop”

#29 Music Trivia and Fun Facts

“Tell me a music-related fun fact”
“Give me a music trivia question”

#30 Control Music during Calls

“Pause the music during a call”
“Resume the music after the call”

#31 Set Music as Alarm Sound

“Set my favorite song as the alarm sound”
“Choose a soothing melody as my wake-up sound”

#32 Increase Music Tempo

“Increase the tempo of this song”
“Speed up the music playback”

#33 Music Timer

“Play music for 30 minutes”
“Stop the music after one hour”

These examples cover a broad range of music commands that showcase the extensive capabilities of Bixby’s voice control. Use these commands to effortlessly navigate, enjoy, and discover music with the power of your voice.