Authoritative ChatGPT Prompt to Write a Cover Letter

Job hunting can be tedious, especially crafting customized cover letters for each application. Luckily, AI tools like ChatGPT make it easier to write great cover letters quickly. In this article, I’ll share authoritative ChatGPT prompts to help you create compelling and professional cover letters.

Why Use ChatGPT for Cover Letters

ChatGPT is an AI assistant that generates human-like text on any topic. With the right prompts, it can greatly reduce the time needed to write cover letters while still producing high-quality content.

Here are some key benefits of using ChatGPT for cover letters:

  • Saves time – ChatGPT can churn out a draft cover letter in seconds, saving you hours of writing. This lets you apply to more jobs faster.
  • Extracts keywords – ChatGPT can scan the job posting to highlight relevant keywords to include in your letter. This customizes your letter to each role.
  • Mimics your style – You can provide writing samples so ChatGPT adopts your tone and style. The output will sound like you wrote it.
  • Fixes mistakes– ChatGPT makes few grammatical or formatting errors. You can ask it to correct any issues and improve the letter.

Crafting Effective Prompts

The key to success with ChatGPT is writing good prompts. Follow these best practices when prompting ChatGPT to write your cover letter:

  • Be specific – Provide key details like the job title, company name, your relevant skills and experience. The more context ChatGPT has, the better the output.
  • Set the tone – Specify writing style (formal, friendly, etc.) and length to meet expectations.
  • Define purpose – State the objective, like highlighting achievements or matching company values.
  • Provide examples – Share well-written cover letters or writings as samples to guide ChatGPT’s response.

ChatGPT Cover Letter Examples

Let’s look at some real examples of effective cover letter prompts for ChatGPT:


Write a formal cover letter for the position of Business Analyst at Amazon. Address it to the hiring manager. Mention my 5 years of experience analyzing data to improve business processes and systems. Highlight my master's degree in business analytics. Focus the letter on how my skills in gathering requirements, identifying solutions, and project management make me a strong candidate. Ensure proper cover letter structure with 3 paragraphs between 250-300 words total.  

ChatGPT Response:

[Cover letter content generated by ChatGPT]

This prompt provides lots of helpful details, defines the tone and length, and gives clear direction to ChatGPT. The output is a well-structured cover letter tailored to the job with relevant achievements highlighted.


Could you provide an example prompt to ask ChatGPT to write a cover letter for a marketing manager role at a software startup? Emphasize skills in digital marketing, content creation, and advertising.

ChatGPT Response:

Here is an example prompt to ask ChatGPT to write a cover letter for a marketing manager role at a software startup, emphasizing skills in digital marketing, content creation, and advertising:

Write a cover letter for the position of Marketing Manager at [Startup Name], a software company. Address the letter to the hiring manager. Focus on my 5 years of experience successfully managing digital marketing campaigns, creating engaging content, and developing innovative advertising strategies. Highlight my proven ability to increase brand awareness and website traffic. Use a personal yet professional tone and keep the letter concise at 1 page.

This provides the specifics about the company and role that ChatGPT needs to write a tailored letter, along with direction to focus on key marketing skills. The length guidance ensures an appropriately concise letter.

Tips for Using ChatGPT Cover Letters

When using ChatGPT for cover letters, keep these tips in mind:

  • Personalize – Avoid sending the letter verbatim. Add personal touches and edit to sound natural.
  • Check for errors – Review carefully. Have ChatGPT rephrase awkward sections and correct errors.
  • Use strategically – Leverage ChatGPT to write initial drafts, not final letters. It augments, not replaces your writing.


ChatGPT is a game-changer for quickly drafting compelling cover letters that get you noticed. With practice crafting strong prompts and some editing on your part, it can greatly accelerate your job search. Use the examples and tips provided above to start leveraging ChatGPT to land your next role!

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