Arlo Alexa Commands: Voice Control Examples

Below are some Arlo Alexa commands: Voice Control Examples that can help you control your Arlo security cameras with ease. With voice commands, you can give Alexa instructions to arm, disarm, cast to a screen, and much more. Alexa is becoming more advanced every day, and with the ability to control your Arlo cameras hands-free, you’ll never have to leave your tasks to adjust your cameras. Here are some examples of the voice commands you can use to control your Arlo security cameras.

#1 Basic Arm/Disarm Commands

“Alexa, arm my camera”
“Alexa, disarm my camera”
“Alexa, set my camera to disarm mode”
“Alexa, put my camera into disarm mode”

#2 Camera Controls Commands

“Alexa, show me Camera 1”
“Alexa, turn on Camera 2”
“Alexa, zoom in on Camera 3”
“Alexa, rotate Camera 4”
“Alexa, tilt Camera 5”

#3 Arlo Modes Commands

“Alexa, set Arlo to sleep mode”
“Alexa, turn on Arlo security mode”
“Alexa, set Arlo to disarm mode”
“Alexa, activate Arlo geofencing mode”
“Alexa, enable Arlo schedule mode”

#4 Motion Detector Commands

“Alexa, set sensitivity to high”
“Alexa, turn on motion alerts”
“Alexa, enable motion tracking”
“Alexa, watch for motion in the backyard”

#5 Emergency Commands

“Alexa, call 911”
“Alexa, call the police”
“Alexa, call emergency services”
“Alexa, panic mode”
“Alexa, trigger the alarm”

#6 Battery Management Commands

“Alexa, check battery levels”
“Alexa, turn off real-time battery alerts”
“Alexa, enable low-battery notifications”
“Alexa, set battery saver mode”
“Alexa, charge the batteries”

#7 Video Streaming Commands

“Alexa, stream Live video feed”
“Alexa, show video on the TV”
“Alexa, cast video to the Chromecast”
“Alexa, watch video on the Echo Show”
“Alexa, pause the video stream”

#8 Multi-Camera Commands

“Alexa, show me all cameras”
“Alexa, turn on camera group 1”
“Alexa, display cameras in group 2”
“Alexa, turn off camera group 3”
“Alexa, switch camera groups”