Anime art prompts for Stable Diffusion

Anime art has become hugely popular in recent years, both for professional artists as well as hobbyists. With the rise of AI image generation models like Stable Diffusion, creating stunning anime art has never been easier. In this article, we will showcase some of the best anime prompt examples you can use with Stable Diffusion to generate a wide variety of anime art styles.

The key to getting good results is crafting prompts that provide enough detail and context for the AI model. Describing the character, their clothing, the scene, lighting, art style, etc. will result in more accurate generations. Let’s dive in!

Anime Character Portraits

Here are some prompts focused on generating anime character portraits:

A beautiful anime girl with long pink hair and green eyes, delicate face, wearing a blue kimono, highly detailed portrait by Makoto Shinkai

Shy anime girl with short brown hair, freckles, green eyes, wearing glasses and purple sweater, detailed oil painting by Thomas Kinkade  

Cool anime boy with spiky blonde hair, red eyes, wearing headphones around neck, black shirt, vibrant colors, by Ross Draws

When describing anime characters, details like hair color/style, eye color, clothing, accessories etc. help guide the AI. Specifying an art style or artist also improves results.

Anime Scene Generation

Creating full anime scenes requires prompts that set the context and story. For example:

A group of friends hanging out on a grassy hill on a sunny day, cherry blossom petals falling, warm lighting, detailed anime landscape, trending on ArtStation

A timid girl with a suitcase stands at the base of a torii gate, leading to a stone stairway through a lush forest, mystical shrine maiden anime scenery, by Thomas Kinkade

Futuristic neon cityscape, with flying cars zooming by tall holographic buildings, cyberpunk anime background, 4k

Describing elements like the setting, lighting, other characters, objects, etc. provides the AI with more to work with, improving scene coherence.

Specific Anime Art Styles

You can also guide Stable Diffusion to mimic specific anime art styles:

Portrait of a girl in Studio Ghibli style, watercolor painting

Armored titan attack on city, buildings crumbling, Attack on Titan manga style illustration 

Pikachu using thunderbolt attack on Charizard, Pokémon anime style, digital painting

Referencing the art style of popular anime studios like Studio Ghibli, or specific anime/manga like Attack on Titan or Pokémon helps generate images matching those universes.

Advanced Prompt Formatting

Some additional prompt formatting tips:

  • Use markdown formatting for readability
  • Add Sampler name like “Anything v3.5” for anime specialty models
  • Adjust CFG scale for coherence/variation (higher = more varied)
  • Use parentheses for prompt weighting: (girl:1.2)


(anime girl:1.2) Long pink hair, golden eyes, sitting under cherry tree at night, very detailed, trending on pixiv, (Studio Ghibli style:1.3), Anything v3.5, CFG 7


Crafting the perfect anime prompt for Stable Diffusion takes experimentation. Start by describing the basics like hair, eyes, clothing, setting etc., then add more advanced elements like art style, sampler model, weighting to further improve image quality. Refer to examples and build off what works. With practice, you’ll be generating gorgeous anime art in no time!

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