Alexa Voice Command Examples for Playing Across Multiple Devices

Are you looking to control your music playing across multiple devices using Alexa voice commands? Below are some examples of voice commands you can use to seamlessly play your favorite tunes on different devices throughout your home.

Music Control Commands

“Play my favorite playlist on all devices.”
“Pause the music on the bedroom speaker.”
“Skip to the next song on the living room Echo.”
“Volume up on the kitchen speaker.”
“Shuffle my music library on all devices.”

Device Switching Commands

“Switch the music playback from the living room Echo to the bedroom speaker.”
“Continue playing on the Fire TV instead.”
“Move the music to the Echo Dot in the office.”
“Transfer the audio to the Echo Show in the kitchen.”
“Play music on the Sonos speaker in the dining room.”

Playlist Commands

“Play my relaxing playlist on all devices.”
“Add this song to my party playlist.”
“Play the workout playlist on the bathroom Echo.”
“Shuffle my evening chill playlist.”
“Start my morning playlist on the whole house group.”

Volume Control Commands

“Set the volume to 50% on all devices.”
“Lower the volume on the bedroom speaker.”
“Increase the volume on the patio speaker.”
“Mute the music on the media room soundbar.”
“Adjust the volume to 30% on the living room Echo.”

Playback Commands

“Resume playing on all devices.”
“Start the song over on the bedroom speaker.”
“Repeat this track on the Echo Dot.”
“Play the previous song on the dining room speaker.”
“Fast forward 2 minutes on the living room Echo.”

Enjoy using these voice commands to control the music playing across multiple devices with the help of Alexa!