Alexa Prime Video: Mastering Voice Commands

If you’re a fan of watching movies and TV shows on Prime Video using Alexa, then you’re in luck! With just a simple voice command, you can pause, play, fast forward, and even search for your favorite movies or TV shows on Prime Video. Below, we’ve compiled a list of 33-150 voice command examples that you can use to master Alexa Prime Video.

#1 Playback Control:

“Alexa, play”
“Alexa, pause”
“Alexa, stop”
“Alexa, fast forward”
“Alexa, rewind”
“Alexa, next episode”
“Alexa, previous episode”

#2 Searching for Movies/TV Shows:

“Alexa, search for [movie title]”
“Alexa, find [movie genre]”
“Alexa, show me [TV show name]”
“Alexa, search for latest releases”
“Alexa, what’s new on Prime Video?”
“Alexa, show me action movies”

#3 Cueing specific content:

“Alexa, play [movie name]”
“Alexa, watch [TV show name and season]”
“Alexa, watch the latest episode of [TV show]”
“Alexa, play the first episode of [TV show]”
“Alexa, rent [movie name]”
“Alexa, buy [movie name]”

#4 Navigation:

“Alexa, go back”
“Alexa, go home”
“Alexa, open Prime Video”
“Alexa, close Prime Video”
“Alexa, scroll up”
“Alexa, scroll down”

#5 Adjusting VLC (VideoLAN media player) settings:

“Alexa, increase volume”
“Alexa, decrease volume”
“Alexa, set volume to 50”
“Alexa, mute”
“Alexa, unmute”

#6 Parental Control:

“Alexa, turn on parental controls”
“Alexa, turn off parental controls”
“Alexa, change PIN”
“Alexa, reset PIN”

#7 Playback Settings:

“Alexa, turn on subtitles”
“Alexa, turn off subtitles”
“Alexa, show me subtitles/closed captions”
“Alexa, change audio language”
“Alexa, turn on audio description”
“Alexa, turn off audio description”