Alexa Fire Stick: Voice Command Examples

Below are some voice command examples for the Alexa Fire Stick. Use these commands to navigate and control your Fire Stick with ease.

#1 Controlling Playback

“Play [movie or TV show title]”
“Skip ahead [number of minutes/seconds]”
“Skip back [number of minutes/seconds]”

#2 Searching

“Search for [movie or TV show title]”
“Find [actor/actress name]”
“What’s playing [currently or later] on [network/channel name]?”
“What are some popular movies/TV shows right now?”

#3 Navigation

“Navigate to the [home, settings, or search] screen”
“Go back”
“Move right/left/up/down”
“Open [app name]”

#4 Volume and Display

“Set volume to [number]”
“Turn on/off display”
“Change display settings”

#5 Alexa Skills

“Show me my shopping list”
“Add [item] to my shopping list”
“Order [item] from Amazon”
“Play music [from Amazon Music, Spotify, or Pandora]”
“Set a reminder [time and task]”
“Tell me a joke”

#6 Miscellaneous

“What’s the weather like today?”
“Play the news”
“Translate [English word or phrase] to [language]”
“What time is it in [city/country name]?”
“Tell me about [historical event or famous person]”