47 Alexa Commands to Listen Music

Remember that some music providers require you to have a premium account so can connect to Alexa. Then, You can use these Alexa commands to listen to music in your provider.

Play Music

“Alexa, play some music”

“Alexa, play songs similar to Upside Down”

“Alexa, play the song {title}”. Example: “Alexa, play the song My Heart Will Go On

“Alexa, play the song {title} by {artist}”. Example: “Alexa, play the song Rain On Me by Ariana Grande

“Alexa, play the album {title}”. Example: “Alexa, play the album Better Together

“Alexa, play songs similar to {artist}”. Example: “Alexa, play songs similar to Backstreet Boys

“Alexa, play music by {artist}”. Example: “Alexa, play music by Lady Gaga

“Alexa, play popular song by {artist}”. Example: “Alexa, play popular song by Lynn Anderson

“Alexa, play {artist} station”. Example: “Alexa, play Rick Astley station”

“Alexa, play the latest {artist} album”. Example: “Alexa, play the latest Louis Armstrong album”

“Alexa, play that song that goes {lyrics}”. Example: “Alexa, play that song that goes I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to save me

“Alexa, play new music”

“Alexa, play new music by {artist}”. Example: “Alexa, play new music by Eddy Arnold

“Alexa, play the top songs”

“Alexa, play the top songs in {country}”. Example: “Alexa, play the top songs in Germany

“Alexa, play rock music for {activity}”. Example: “Alexa, play rock music for working

“Alexa, play the song of the day”

“Alexa, play {mood} music”. Example: “Alexa, play sad music”

“Alexa, play {activity} music”. Example: “Alexa, play sports music”

“Alexa, play music for {activity}”. Example: “Alexa, play music for party

Volume & Playback

“Alexa, volume up”

“Alexa, increase the volume”

“Alexa, raise the volume”

“Alexa, louder”

“Alexa, volume down”

“Alexa, decrease the volume”

“Alexa, lower the volume”

“Alexa, softer”

“Alexa, set the volume to {number from 1 through 10}”. Example: “Alexa, set the volume to six

“Alexa, volume {number from 1 through 10}”. Example: “Alexa, volume Five

“Alexa, mute”

“Alexa, unmute”

“Alexa, stop”

“Alexa, pause”

“Alexa, play”

“Alexa, resume”

“Alexa, next”

“Alexa, previous”

“Alexa, turn shuffle on”

“Alexa, turn shuffle off”

“Alexa, turn repeat on”

“Alexa, turn repeat off”

“Alexa, skip back {number} seconds”. Example: “Alexa, skip back five seconds”

“Alexa, skip forward {number} seconds”. Example: “Alexa, skip forward ten seconds”

“Alexa, restart song”

“Alexa, restart album”

“Alexa, restart playlist”