24 Alexa Commands for Scout Alarm

“Alexa, ask Scout to get the last event”

“Alexa, ask Scout about the last five activities”

“Alexa, ask Scout what just happened”

“Alexa, ask Scout what mode is armed”

“Alexa, is my security system armed?”

“Alexa, is my bedroom window sensor open?”

“Alexa, is the nursery window closed?”

“Alexa, arm away mode”

“Alexa, arm Scout”

“Alexa, disarm Scout”

“Alexa, is Scout armed?”

“Alexa, switch to home mode”

“Alexa, arm vacation mode”

“Alexa, arm my security system”

“Alexa, is the front door working”

“Alexa, is my patio door open?”

“Alexa, ask Scout if my front door is locked”

“Alexa, ask Scout if there is motion in the basement”

“Alexa, open Scout and turn on the siren”

“Alexa, tell Scout to panic!”

“Alexa, tell Scout to send help!”

“Alexa, open Scout and start panic mode!”

“Alexa, tell Scout that someone broke in!”

“Alexa, tell Scout to help!”