19 Alexa Commands for Romantic Valentine’s Day

“Alexa, ask opentable to make a reservation”

“Alexa, compliment me”

“Alexa, launch romantic moods”

“Alexa, ask eHarmony about my matches”

“Alexa, open daily kindness and ask for an idea”

“Alexa, start love notes”

“Alexa, ask be my valentine how much do you love me?”

“Alexa, play valentine’s day music”

“Alexa, recite a poem of love”

“Alexa, open xavecando”

“Alexa, tell me about valentine’s day in history”

“Alexa, sing the “love song””

“Alexa, wake me up with music”

“Alexa, open harmonization with wines”

“Alexa, show romantic comedies”

“Alexa, how do you say I love you in French?”

“Alexa, order {gift name}”. Example: “Alexa, order a doll

“Alexa, search price of {gift name}”. Example: “Alexa, search price of doll

“Alexa, remind me to buy a present at {time}”. Example: “Alexa, remind me to buy a present at 4:00