22 Alexa Commands for Pandora

Podcasts on Pandora are usually named after the band, genre, song, and artist name.

“Alexa, play Pandora”

“Alexa, play {podcast} on Pandora”. Example: “Alexa, play Metallica on Pandora”

“Alexa, play {podcast} by {artist} on Pandora”. Example: “Alexa, play Highway Companion by Tom Petty on Pandora”

“Alexa, play {artist} radio on Pandora”. Example: “Alexa, play Jason Ellis radio on Pandora”.

“Alexa, play music on Pandora.”

“Alexa, play the latest episode of {podcast} on Pandora”

“Alexa, play the first episode of {podcast} on Pandora”

“Alexa, play the next episode of {podcast}”

“Alexa, Thumb Up this song”

“Alexa, I like this song”

“Alexa, Thumb Down this song”

“Alexa, I don’t like this song”

“Alexa, stop music on Pandora”

“Alexa, stop {podcast} on Pandora”

“Alexa, skip ahead {time}”. Example: “Alexa, skip ahead 20 minutes

“Alexa, skip this song”

“Alexa, go back {time}”. Example: “Alexa, go back 20 seconds

“Alexa, fast forward {podcast}”

“Alexa, rewind {podcast}”

“Alexa, volume up”

“Alexa, volume down”

“Alexa, what is playing?”